Feng Shui Vision Board


ACTIVATE key areas of your life and ELEVATE your Feminine Power with Feng Shui

Join Feng Shui expert, Patsy Balacchi and mixed media artist, Pilar Uribe and create an EMPOWERED Feng Shui Vision Board on canvas.

Join us for an invigorating session and learn how Feng Shui, as a design system clears, shifts, aligns, and activates the visible AND invisible forces that can affect your health, wealth, relationships, career, and overall happiness. 

Benefits & takeaways for doing this class:

• You will have an opportunity to apply time-proven Feng Shui principles onto your canvas and bring the knowledge home. 

• You get to have an intimate connection with yourself and the Universe by sending magnetic signals so it can help you manifest your aspirations and dreams.

• You will amplify the intention of your Vision Board by energizing it with Feng Shui and using simple art techniques to make it a beautiful piece of art.

Spring is a time of transformation, rebirth, and abundance.

Make this blooming season a MAGNIFICENT one by celebrating your goddess essence

with the art of Feng Shui.

This will be a magnificent and empowering event. Don’t miss it!


“I had the best experience at Patsy Balacchi's Feng Shui Vision Board class. I learned about the Bagua Map and what elements to bring into my life and space. The creative process was fun, but the wisdom she shared about creating harmony and balance and the philosophy of Feng Shui was fantastic. I know I will continue to learn and grow from future workshops. I highly recommend her!” ~ Wendy Hutchinson, Intuitive Life Coach

“ I had so much fun at Patsy’s Feng Shui Vision Board workshop. I’m super happy with how mine turned out. 2019 is gonna be amazing. Om Mani Padme Hum.” ~ Tinja Anderson, Communications Consultant

“I would recommend Patsy to anyone in need of a home or business session to optimize their space, bringing harmony to the nine essential areas of their life. Patsy is not only a Feng Shui expert, an essential oils wellness coach, but has all the tools one needs to make life a more beautiful and abundant experience. I am truly grateful for Patsy’s presence in my life.” ~ Nicole Levy, Real Estate Agent

April 6, 2019